Here are some links to selected web sites. If you would like to suggest a site to add to the list, email me! Reciprocal links are appreciated, of course.

Brian Newell, Premier Furniture MakerMany years ago when I was in charge of a recreational woodworking shop at the University of Michigan, a brash young student dropped in looking for a job. He knew how to carve, and he had character, so I hired him. He is now one of the most respected furniture makers in the world. I wish I could take credit, but this kind of rare talent comes from The Big Woodworker in the Sky.

Hudson Design StudiosKerry Hudson makes art furniture and sculpture. Much of his work is massive with playful proportions. This is the work of a very creative mind.

Woodturns Magazine The New Online Woodturning Magazine

WOODTURNING by Marshall Gorrow This site links to just about everything in the world of woodturning, as well as Marshall's own artwork.

The Woodturners Catalog This is the web site for Craft Supplies USA, one of the premier companies for woodturners in the US. I bought my Woodfast lathe and many of my turning tools from these guys.

Woodturning Design Magazine This is the website for a magazine which focuses on woodturning projects of all kinds. You can find ideas, instructions, and tips written by many different woodturners. My favorite column is "Ask Dale" by Dale Nish, which answers readers questions about woodturning.

Kestrel Creek Gallery and Resource Center This is a really great site! Three exceptional woodturners--Will Simpson, Jim Christiansen, and Ben Carpenter--put on a magnificent display of skill and creativity in their own work. Add to that some nice resources for woodturners and an opportunity to interact via their web site, and you have a winner.

Revolutions Woodturning Another excellent web site for woodturners. In addition to presenting his great turnings, Dave Peebles displays some photos of his studio/shop which is really first-rate.

Turned Treasures Unique hand turned wood items from the lathe of Larry Hancock. Nice work; nice web site.

Out of Control Woodturning Bob Pritchard does some very nice work, especially with segments and inlays and color contrasts.

Woodturning on the Web Bob Spragg has a good resource center for woodturners.

Woodworker's Journal Magazine "Plans, tips, techniques, and hundreds of woodworking links." Good site for all kinds of woodworking interests. They will even give you a Free Trial Issueof their jourmal. "The web's most complete resource center for woodworkers." Another good site for general woodworking.

Multiaxis Turnings by the TreeCycler Check out the multi-axis woodturnings (and more unusual stuff) by Mark Fitzsimmons. I would like to take credit for Mark's development as a woodturner, but in reality I only provided him with a place to play with a lathe. As usual, the student reached far beyond the teacher.

Woodturning Reference and Information Site This is Alan Green's wonderfully complete site for woodturning information of all sorts. (I'm always amazed to find these really great non-commercial sites on the web. Thanks, Alan.) Woodworking Superstore Every woodworker knows Rockler as a great source for woodworking supplies. I have an excellent router table from these guys. Check out their web site. They have some great Online Specials, and they will gladly send you a Free Catalog. And you can take a look at their very fine Router Tables.

Emory Mclaughlin's asthewoodturns.comEmory does nice work and offers some e-book tutorials for beginning woodworkers.

Exotic Wood Group Online retailers of snake wood, amboyna burl, thuya wood, maple burl, marblewood, and an assortment of other highly figured exotic woods.

Artistic Woodturning by Eduardo Sarmiento Eduardo is a woodturner from Peru. He does very nice work using some extraordinary South American woods. The Woodturning Home of John D. McAteeJohn's web site is first rate, a showcase not only of his turnings, but of some splendid digital tinkering. To visit his site, you must enter from Internet Explorer.

Segmented TurningBill Kandler's site is a really great place to start if you are interested in segmented turning. Bill does great work, and his explanations are outstanding. He offers some really helpful software called The Segmented Project Planner for the mathematically challenged and for those who see no reason to reinvent the wheel. Great site for segmented turners!

Willard Brothers Lumber"Welcome to the Willard Brothers Lumber online catalog of rare high quality exotic wood from around the world and a large exciting variety of domestic hardwood lumber."

Woodturning Tips Carol Rix has created a very useful website devoted to woodturning tips and techniques. She has also written a very thoughtful ebook entitled "Woodturning Tips" which covers all the bases for a beginning woodturner and for advanced turners as well. The ebook is available on her website. While you are at it, visit her personal website to see her work.

Mario Cliche, Artisan Tourneur Mario, a Canadian woodturner, does mostly pens, perfume holders, and other small, carefully executed, projects. Nice website (in French).

Wood Turned Dreams Nice work, nice website by Sean Troy.

Vases HQ This website has a huge collection of links to other websites, all dealing with vases of one sort or another. Not a bad place to look for design ideas.

Woodturning Online This site, orchestrated by Dennis Daudelin and Richard DiPerna, is another very useful site for woodturners. It includes featured articles, projects, instructions, numerous references, and a forum.

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